About the farm

Crooked Pond Farm history

In 1924 C. Morris Williams established the farm and started raising hens and hatching baby chicks. It was a time when many families had chickens in their backyards. During World War II Morris also supplied chicks locally for people to raise on the home front.

After the 1944 hurricane, homes near the ocean needed trees that could tolerate salt spray. Japanese Black Pines tolerate sandy soil and salt spray. This was the start of “Dig Your Own” 4′- 5′ evergreens. Now the choices in the fields are arborvitae, spruces, hemlock & pines.

Today the farm is managed by Edward & Nancy Williams Chute with the help of the third generation, Jennifer Chute Cattin & her husband Stephane Cattin, all in keeping with the agricultural and family values established by Edith and Morris Williams nearly 100 years ago.

Crooked Pond Farm
308 Hatchville Road
Hatchville, MA  02536